Other Services

Our team offers the following additional services:

Well Relocation and Well Abandonment

If you have a disused/failed well on your property, or simply wish to re-locate the current well due to proposed construction, our team can help with the paperwork necessary to abandon and/or relocate your well.

Drainfield Certification Letters

If you are trying to sell undeveloped land and want to show prospective buyers that there is a certified drainfield available on the property, you will need a soil investigation, survey, and certification letter submission.  Once the soil investigation and survey are complete, our office can prepare the drainfield certification letter and submission package for your local Health Department. We also have a great subcontractor for the soil investigation if you would like us to arrange that for you as well.

Specialty Sewer Connection Plans

If there is the availability for your property to connect to public sewer, but you either have pressurized lines or are otherwise unable to connect with an acceptable gravity connection, our team can design the integration of an ejector system.

Expert Witness Testimony

Owner and professional Engineer D. Thomas Basham is available to serve as an expert witness for court cases involving site and septic issues.