Septic Systems Designs

Our office designs a wide range of septic systems for both residential and commercial properties. We design both conventional and alternative septic systems for new construction, system upgrades, and system repairs.

We can also help you through the permitting and approval process.

How do you know if you need an alternative system?

A soil consultant will test the soil conditions on your property and determine the area of suitable soil available for a drainfield. The soil consultant will then use those factors to determine the treatment level (TL) your property requires:

TL1 = Conventional Septic System

TL2 & TL3 = Alternative Septic System

What you need to know about alternative systems:

For an alternative septic system design, there are two main components:

Treatment Systems

The type of treatment system is selected by the homeowner with the advice of the septic designer. Our most commonly used treatment systems are the Biomicrobics Microfast and EZ Treat, but we can design other systems as needed.

Additionally, if deemed necessary by the soil consultant, UV Disinfection is another level of treatment that may be added onto any system.

Dispersal Methods

The dispersal method for the drainfield is determined by the soil consultant based on the soil conditions and available drainfield area. In some cases, the primary and reserve drainfields may have different dispersal methods.

**For most local counties, the discharge method is only allowed for repairs of failing drainfields when other dispersal methods are not a viable option.